Professional Notepad

Professional Notepad 6.1

Developer ATech Group

Professional Notepad is an advanced tool that allows you to view and edit HTML.

Picture Style Editor

Picture Style Editor 1.3

Developer Canon Inc.


Poster-Drucker 4.5

Developer CAD-KAS GbR

Prints the posters on many pages and you can put them together with glue.

ZC Dream Photo Editor

ZC Dream Photo Editor 2012.6

Developer ZCStar Inc.

ZC Dream Photo Editor makes you easily blend your photo onto another picture.


Google Picture Editor


Dexster 4.2

Developer Softdiv Software

Dexster Audio Editor allows you to edit audio files.

Ai Picture Utility

Ai Picture Utility 8.9

Developer Applied Insights

Ai Picture Utility 8.5 is an image editor, enhancer and optimizer tool.

Notepad Pro

Notepad Pro 1.5

Developer ATech Group

HTML source Editor for Windows with syntax highlighting, utlimited text size etc.


OPENBEXI Creative 3.1

Developer Open BEXI

OpenBEXI is a powerful free WYSIWYG website editor for Internet.

Audio Editor Deluxe

Audio Editor Deluxe 11.5

Developer AudioEditorDeluxe

Audio Editor Deluxe is an easy to use audio Editor & Recorder.

Canon Utilities Picture Style Editor

Canon Utilities Picture Style Editor 1.9

Developer Canon Inc.

FirmTools RedEyeBot

FirmTools RedEyeBot 1.0

Developer FirmTools

Remove red-eye automatically from multiple pictures.

Picture Library

Picture Library 1.4

Developer WenSoftware

Picture Library is a picture file manger, viewer and editor, database.


TextRoom 0.6

Developer Google Code

It is a free full screen text editor developed with especially writers in mind.

Alternate Picture Editor

Alternate Picture Editor 0.9

Developer TimSara


Google Picture Editor

Picture-Message Editor

Picture-Message Editor 1.0

Developer KESSLER Wireless Design

Can send picture messages with your own text to many Nokia phones.

Beauty Guide

Beauty Guide 2.2

Developer Tint Guide

It is a picture editor that retouches face and corrects cosmetic defects.

Imagine Picture Viewer

Imagine Picture Viewer 2.2

Developer Arnab Datta & Jaibatrik Dutta

Imagine Picture Viewer is a simple but handy image viewer and editor.

ProXmedia Picture Editor PRO

ProXmedia Picture Editor PRO 2.0

Developer ProXmedia

Windows Picture Viewer Editor Reset

Windows Picture Viewer Editor Reset 1.1

Developer Ramesh Srinivasan

ProXmedia - Picture Editor PRO

ProXmedia - Picture Editor PRO 2.0

Developer ProXmedia

Sopha Picture Editor

Sopha Picture Editor 1.0

Developer Joerg Sopha

EFS Editor

EFS Editor 1.0

Developer R. M. Baldwin, Inc.

EFS Editor is a project being created to suppliment the current Galaxy Editor.



Developer tssolutions

Picbow is a photo editor. It lets you paint a desired effect on any picture.

Picture! Editor

Picture! Editor 1.0

Developer Cerieus

It allows you to add a wide range of filters to your pictures.

'In The Picture' Editor

'In The Picture' Editor 1.2

Developer Focus Educational Software

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